Ewan McEwan

  • Future-Fit Foundation Accredited Practitioner
  • Member of the International Society for Sustainability Professionals
  • Member of the Global Association of Risk Professionals

Ewan merges his twin aims of awareness and action by melding instructional expertise with financial acumen.

Ewan McEwan has a passion for communicating complex ideas in a personable and digestible manner. Now, he is harnessing this skill to help businesses make their operations more sustainability-minded. 

Over the past 25 years, Ewan has developed learning programmes for non-profits and large corporations alike. Most recently, he has pioneered courses on burgeoning digital micro-learning platforms like Gnowbe.

A native of the UK and a current resident of Singapore, Ewan’s ties are global. He has specialised in providing competency to new and emerging leaders using lean, agile and scalable approaches to achieve higher levels of organisational performance. In the process, he has witnessed first-hand the economic and social interconnectedness of industries as seemingly disparate as banking, energy, manufacturing, aviation, engineering, telecoms and service. 

Ewan firmly believes that climate change solutions will benefit business operations and simultaneously enhance the global network of humans, plants and animals. He has spent years studying just how interconnected all the individuals and industries on this planet truly are.