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Videos & Podcasts

The Future of Sustainability: Looking Back to Go Forward

From Forum for the Future‘s Sustainability series. Pioneers in the field of sustainability share their thoughts.

The edie Podcast: Sustainable Business Covered

In this bi-weekly podcast, the edie team focuses on businesses that are disrupting the status quo and following the path to a more sustainable future.

Ray Anderson: The business logic of sustainability

In this TED Talk, Ray Anderson presents the case study of his own carpet company, which has doubled its profits while simultaneously pursuing a sustainability-embracing agenda.

Ares CEO Arougheti on Outlook for Global Markets

Bloomberg Invest Global Summit on the outlook for global investing: Michael Arougheti, CEO of Ares Management Corporation, speaks with Erik Schatzker, Editor-at-Large at Bloomberg.

New Zinc catalyst dismantling plastics at room temperature (by Just Have a Think)

Dave Borlace shares new developments in solutions to the climate crisis. This video from Borlace’s popular YouTube channel discusses a process called “plastic upcycling” and a new zinc catalyst that has been shown to break down polymers in a useful manner.

Nature Is Speaking – Julia Roberts is Mother Nature | Conservation International (CI)

A panoply of stunning planetary images form the backdrop for a message about the importance of sustainability. Narrated by Julia Roberts.


Sustainability Advantage

Find resources, case studies and tools to help you achieve sustainability in your business.

Moody’s ESG Solutions

Moody’s covers ESG solutions that touch over 140 million companies throughout the world. The data, scores and assessments collected by Moody’s are solid metrics that can help businesses integrate sustainability practices in a concrete, action-oriented way.

John Elkington: Ambassador from the Future

This website from John Elkington, the author of  Green Swans (Fast Company Press, April 2020) and the Founding Partner and Executive Chairman of Volans, details his work in the sustainability arena.