You’ve decided to make your business more sustainable. Now what?

We help you set sustainability goals according to case studies and projected international benchmarks. Then, we work with you build a plan to achieve those goals within a set period of time. With our research and our metrics, you can walk into your board room or your next investor meeting with the confidence that you’re moving in the right direction–and with the logistics to back it up.

Learning & Development

We can help build awareness by providing documentation and research, assisting with a sustainability-focused marketing plan, and conducting in-person seminars and webinars to educate your employees & management about sustainable practices in business.

Materiality Assessment

The technical side of sustainability and climate risk can seem dauntingly complex—we have sifted through this research for you. We can provide spatial analysis, carbon footprint calculations (by organization or by product), green labeling, and benchmark tools.

Strategic Communications & Reporting

We can help you strategically communicate to stakeholders your plan’s impact on sustainability and climate risk. Using different frameworks, such as the Future-Fit Business benchmark tool and the Global Reporting Initiative schema, we will deliver the message that your business is doing the right things for the right reasons.

Investor Sustainability Screening

Our experts can do a thorough evaluation of the sustainability performance of your business. We employ positive screening techniques using Future-Fit benchmark tool criteria for determining corporate resilience and sustainability and minimizing exposure to climate risk.

Advisory & Consultancy

Many companies are spending a fortune on sustainability analysis but do not yet have a plan for implementing their research in a profitable and equitable manner. Our experts can help you build a framework for bringing your sustainability goals to life.

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“We are delighted to be working with Ewan and his team at First Resource SG®️ to develop a learning solution for sustainability & climate risk aimed at top management. As businesses in Singapore and other countries of ASEAN increasingly look to integrate sustainability & climate risk activities into their business strategies, this learning solution will be a great enabler to achieve that.”

Howeyong Loo | Training Manager, BSI Singapore 

“There can be no Plan B because there is no Planet B.”

-UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon